Revitalizing a legacy art brand

Christie’s, a 250-year-old legacy brand and the world’s leading art business, was entering an epic moment of transition. As they came under new ownership and moved into new headquarters, they came to us to hone the brand, so they could send a powerful message to the highly competitive art world.

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Positioning

Empowering leadership

Because art sales negotiations are highly sensitive, Christie’s needs a brand that reflects authority and instills a deep sense of trust. We designed and refined an expression that conveys dignity and prestige, enabling Christie’s to meet the elevated expectations and taste of their customers.

Ensuring international consistency

Christie’s has 180 international offices, which resulted in decentralized communications and a fractured brand identity. We built a comprehensive identity system that could control the brand in all of their markets with greater ease and economy. The new typography, color, layout, and materials selection was then consistently and expertly applied across all 180 offices.

Drawing attention on the street

With new headquarters located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, Christie’s had the opportunity to make an impression on an immense number of people. We designed environmental branding and exterior retail display that commands attention. The lush banners featuring Tiffany, Monet, de Kooning, and other artists created excitement about Christie’s arrival as well as current and future sales.