Building the first New York-based house of brands

The parent company of modern luxury lifestyle brands Coach, Stuart Weitzman and kate spade new york found itself in need of a new name, brand strategy and visual system that positioned itself as a unique and growing house of brands.


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A name with clarity and purpose

The company’s vision of becoming a house of brands became a reality with the acquisition of its third brand, kate spade new york. With this acquisition, it became something much larger than its name could hold. The company needed a new name to signal this change and leave room for other unique brands to join.


CSA wanted to find a name that was true to the company values of being optimistic, innovative and inclusive, as well as express the diversity of its employees and brands. The selected name, Tapestry, perfectly fits the brand’s character and has the flexiblity to grow with the house as it expands across categories and geographies.

Defined by inclusivity rather than exclusivity, Tapestry is a global house of brands that embraces the exploration of individuality. We believe that true luxury is a freedom of expression that ignites confidence and authenticity.

Tapestry's story

Discovering shared values

CSA conducted an intensive discovery process to understand this global house of brands that is present in over 55 countries around the world. CSA spoke with employees across geographic markets to discover their unique perspectives and what binds the house together. What became clear was the importance of individual expression across all the brands, their customers and every employee. The tagline “Individual Expression, Collective Beauty” uniquely captures the importance of individuality in the house, as well the beauty that it brings to the world.

Capturing a company’s spirit

To bring Tapestry to life, CSA created a new tone of voice and visual language. We chose a vibrant, optimistic yellow in conjunction with an elegantly designed system of typography and photography that embodies the spirit and energy of the global company. Additionally, CSA designed a responsive website to tell the world the Tapestry story so investors, future employees and future brands can experience what it means to be part of this inclusive and diverse house.

We are so proud to have Coach, Stuart Wetizman and Kate Spade in this house and we know other brands will feel lucky to join. Great brands, talented and dedicated teams who share the values of optimism, innovation and inclusivity. This is our Tapestry!

Victor Luis, CEO